Why TFK?

At T.F. Kinnealey & Co., We believe

our 3-Step Commitment to Quality

puts us a cut above the competition.


As always, we are committed to

this 3-Step process before we

Custom-Cut your steaks to order.


to Quality





We have established

and continue to establish

partnerships with meat

packing companies from

the Mid-West.




These companies are

dedicated to making

certain we receive the

highest quality products

available for production.








Whether you are looking

for Dry or Wet Aged,

T.F. Kinnealey & Co. makes

the commitment to age

our products for a

minimum of 28 days.




This aging process

allows natural enzymes

to breakdown the hard

connective tissue;

ensuring maximum flavor

and tenderness.







After the aging process is

complete, we weigh every

Strip, Rib, and Tenderloin

and rack them according

to eye-size.




We believe this final step

ensures the end-user a

consistent weight and

proper eye-size for the

best finished product!


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